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"Jac was born in the United States from French parents. She has been teaching dance and physical training techniques for years. As a professional dancer her personal training has always been present and important. After years of accumulated knowledge, bad injuries during her career as a dancer and a particular passion for Yoga, she travels to many countries, meets people from different cultures, explores, discovers various movement techniques. This allows her to enrich herself, to broaden her pedagogical and physical knowledge. She is nourished by philosophy, nature and encounters.

Her teaching is adapted to the needs of each person, for a discovery of the movements, of the body and the mind... »

"It's by losing balance that we find it" Jac

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- "Yoga Therapy" in training with Green Yoga,

France 2022-2025

- Certificate in "Traditional Thai Massage", AZENDAY School 30h,

Paris 2023


- "Yoga & Anatomy" Teacher Training by Alex Blake at M-Yoga Academy 50h,

Paris 2022


- "Fascia Yoga" Teacher Training by Joanne Avison at Arhanta Academy 50h,

(Online) London 2022

-"Holistic Health Coach for Women" Teacher Training by Sarah Visschedijk at Arhanta Academy 30h

(Online) Netherlands 2022

- Level 1 certificate in "Ayurvedic Massage",

Brussels 2020

- SIVANANDA Yoga Teacher Training Diploma 200 h

Thailand 2019

- Studied dance and yoga at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD),

Salzburg, Austria 2013-2014

- Participate in numerous international dance and yoga workshops and classes:

United States, Spain, London, Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Austria, ...

2009-2013 (Yoga classes: + 900 h)

- Young Ballet "New Dancer". Obtaining the EAT JAZZ,

Annecy, France 2000-2008

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- Private Instructor (Private Villas, Hotels, Yachts)

Saint Tropez 2020-2024.

- Group courses at "Pure Nature Yoga" at the Jardin de la Piboule, Cogolin 2020-2024.

- Private Yoga Retreats in Paphos,

Cyprus, 2020-2023.

- Yoga and Dance classes online (ZOOM),

in English and French, 2020-2024.

- Group courses for Le Tigre at the Hotel La Ponche,

Saint-Tropez 2021-2023.

- Corporates:
Lagardere, Renault, Danone, Chronopost, GeoPost, CSA, Novartis, Sanofi, Bacardi, Allianz,...
Paris, 2015-2019

-  The town hall of Puteux, private club “La Marine de Caprone”

Corsica, Summer 2018 and 2017.

-  FitSwim Family Center

Corsica, Summer 2017


Dance teacher:
France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Tunisia.


Professional dancer:
Redha Benteifour, NeedCompany, Festival de Cannes, David Hernandez & Collaborators, Collectif du Lion, ...

Europe 2009-2024

- Director of the company "HERSELVES". 2017-2022

- Creation of several projects in Europe. 2012-2021

Stretching, Pilates, Gym, Fitness, Coach :

Sports clubs, associations and corporates.

Paris, 2015-2020

Photographer and Videographer:

Director of the company "HER"

Europe 2016-2019

Production Assistant:
Company "David Hernandez & Collaborators"

Brussels 2014-2019

Accueil: Cours

Jac being bilingual, offers Yoga classes in English or / and French:

- Collective lesson
- Private lesson
- Online course "Zoom"
- Yoga retreat

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During the summer of 2020, I diligently followed the Yoga classes offered by Jac on the Saint-Tropez peninsula, in particular in the wonderful place of Pure Nature Yoga created by Emmanuelle Jeanne.
Besides vitality, grace, youth, joy and beauty, Jac is truly an excellent teacher.
She prepares her lessons with particular care, every detail is thought out to encourage the body to surpass itself with respect.
She is an artist and her classes are creations.
Her flows are very rich and inventive.
Her relationship with the student is made of instant friendship.
In other words:
A class with Jac is an intense experience.
Two lessons with Jac, it's a yoga that dances.
Three lessons with Jac, it's always so dense.
And a summer with Jac, it's just huge!
Pleasure, sharing and high standards.
So if you cross her path, you are in the right direction
To awaken your body in all directions.

Nathalie. J, Geneva

I had the most wonderful experience having multiple classes of yoga and choreography with Jac, both offline and online.

She is a great professional providing a true tailor made experience given with warmth, care, knowledge and talent. She is devoted to consistently educating herself in order to provide the best possible service. I highly recommend her skills and expertise. 


Anastasia.V, London

I met Jac in St.Tropez in July of 2021. I am a 71 year old American man from Miami. We had 3 weeks of the most amazing yoga sessions. I learned so much from her that I use everyday in my ongoing practice. I was so impressed that every session she had a written outline that was structured just for me and my level. Each session was a progression of the previous one. This kept me very engaged. 
I am coming to St. Tropez again this July and can’t wait to resume our practice.


Joel, Miami 

"Extraordinary! Thank you Jac for your big heart and for the quality of your teaching.
A great teacher: the subtle alliance of experience and technique transmitted with passion and gentleness.
Yoga classes with you are pure bliss. "

Berenice. R, Cogolin

"A very rewarding first practice experience, both physical and mental. A big thank you to Jac for this discovery, for her kindness and her benevolence."

Xavier Lafaye, French Thai Boxing Team Coach, International Referee

"Jac thank you for your beautiful energy, your benevolence and your precious advice which has helped me a lot in my yoga practice, both in asanas and in meditation. Your classes are a time of sharing and exchange. Thank you for passing on your knowledge to us ! "Achievement lies in practice." Buddha "

Isabelle, Saint-Tropez

“Having undergone an ablation of the two internal menisci due to too intense and violent sports practice, I followed Jac's classes first as a gentle reintroduction to sport in my daily life but I discovered so much more than that: the benevolence, kindness and pedagogy of this exceptional teacher who proved to me that one could practice deep but gentle effort with the greatest respect for my bruised body.

Thanks Jack, Namaste ”

Stephanie.R Saint-Tropez

"I am progressing well with your lessons, because you are ready and attentive to our difficulties ...

Thanks to the progress of the course as you describe it to us, I evolve in the postures.

I am very happy to have the chance to be one of your students. Thank you"

Kika.L, Brazil

"Professional and friendly, her classes are at all levels. Personally amateur level, these explanations are understandable. She knows how to give us the right advice to help us as well as possible to go into the postures. I thank her for having transmitted her passion to me. and his love of yoga. "

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Mathieu.L, Grimaud

A big thank you to Jac for her kindness, her great generosity and above all her excellent lessons!!
As soon as I can go to her classes I travel and I come out with an incredible energy. 
Jac's classes are punchy and rejuvenating like few yoga classes, the teacher is incredibly generous, the classes often last more than 1 1/2 hours;
I am delighted to be one of his students and above all I advise you to try!! 
See you soon!!

Magalie. S, Grimaud

I met Jac by a very happy chance in Saint Tropez and we did some just magical yoga practices on the beach, thanks to an extraordinary environment, a generous nature, sunrises every day different and especially the sweetness, benevolence and professionalism of Jac.

A real happiness! 

Fabienne, Milan

One of the best yoga teachers I have met and practiced with. Beautiful energy and atmosphere, every class is very varied and a real pleasure.

Jack has a big heart and she shares her joy and passion, so the class is more than just a yoga class to me. Jac always encouraged me to try new things and grow.Thank you for all the good times and I look forward to a new season here in the south of France.

Laura, Yoga Teacher, Berlin

To learn Yoga with Jac is to enter a poetic, mythological and musical world. The body is observed and approached with gentleness, in the acceptance of its wounds, specific to each one.

A danced Yoga, nicely rhythmic, sweated as it should be, and breathed!

I take this opportunity to slip you a last Thank... looking forward to seeing you on the mats!

Lola, Grimaud

Dear. Jac

Thank you for all these flights shared in the garden

One hour a week we escaped far from all this agitation and felt revitalized after your course, we became again beings of zenitude

So thank you thank you for this gift you gave us. 

David and Severine, Grimaud

Yoga with Jac is amazing in many ways. Not only is it physically challenging, but also inspiring in every way. She has the sensibility to adapt to your exact needs. So the classes are a real gift transporting you out of your routine to your inspirational path. Jac puts a lot of attention to her classes and prepares them with much love. She feels what you need and works on areas you need it most. She is not getting tired of correcting you either. So you improve fast. Most important it is much fun and she is a lovely beautiful soul!

Nina et Andreas, Los Angeles

Thank you very much for this Yoga Retreat which was a first for me. It lived up to my expectations, both on a human level with magnificent encounters, and on your teaching of Yoga, which you pass on with passion, love, listening and patience.

More than 20 hours of Yoga, meditations, massages, exceptional food each day, a real treat in an idyllic setting with enough space to respect the times to self, during rest. I learned a lot and progressed in my practice, with new asanas for my greatest joy.

Thank you also for your kindness and your good mood on a daily basis and of course the great moments of unforgettable laughs!! 


Stephanie, Cogolin

Thank you Jac, I had a lot of fun trying to listen to you in order to make my body and my mind more relaxed .... And thanks to you it worked... the truth is it's really hard for me but what a joy after each session to feel so much better... a big thank you and I'm already looking forward to our next class!!!

Vanessa,  Saint-Tropez

"Yoga but not only ..... thank you Jac for these wonderful moments where you share with us your love for yoga ... I discovered a lot of things thanks to you
See you soon ! Thanks, Namaste "


Magalie.S, Saint-Tropez

Under the bridge of Avignon

A yoga retreat with Jac always starts gently, but she hides her game well, this dancer and choreographer who has come to transpose her knowledge of balance and the possession of space into Yoga. Everyone finds a place from the steepest to the most seasoned, each will have their individual adaptation. But after 2 or 3 days the veil falls, the power associated with the flexibility that she has been working on since a very young age, allows her to chain improbable balances and postures with disconcerting ease, and as she is more of a sharing type , she will reveal in her workshops elementary things where the accuracy of an alignment is much more useful than brute force, one even begins to dream of leaving Avignon imagining oneself much better than on the first day.

Yoga is also like chocolate, the most famous of the grand crus but wrapped in newspaper, ruined…. Here in Avignon the spirit of the place is just the perfect place to Retreat, the only intruders in the immense park of the domain are the birds and the squirrels, already quite a meditation.


Eric, Paris

Dear Émilie Jolie Jac,
It was our angel Lydia who led us to you and infinite gratitude for having you in my life.
It is an immense happiness for the body and mind to practice with you.
You know how to prepare our body with the greatest attention to loosen it and strengthen it in a magic flow of which only you have the secret.
I wish you a wonderful trip so that you come back in shape next year.
Thank you
Take care of yourself as you take care of us 
With all my tenderness

Helene. M, Saint-Tropez

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